Our vision at RMA is “Inspiring our people to deliver the best engineering outcomes to all of our clients, every time”.

Our focus is on engaging people with the right skills and commitment to our core values, and then empowering and developing them so they reach their potential and continue to grow.

Glen Rowen
Director and Principal Structural Engineer (RPEQ 2428)

As Director and founding member of RMA, Glen has vast and varied experience in many areas of civil and structural engineering as well as contract administration.

In his role as Director Quality Assurance, Risk and Innovation, Glen takes lead responsibility for overseeing RMA’s quality management, risk management, HSE and business innovation systems.

Glen has provided project management for a vast number of camps, working to coordinate NCC compliance documentation, QFRS approval and compliance for State Development Codes for temporary and permanent accommodation camps on mining leases and private property.

Glen is also highly respected in residential design, engineered timber structures, steel framed structures, concrete framed high rise, tilt concrete buildings, hydraulic design, residential and commercial buildings, civil design work on commercial and industrial sites and water retaining structures.

Jason Wardle
Managing Director (RPEQ 7789)

Jason brings to his role as Managing Director, extensive experience as a civil engineer specialising in sub divisional design, supervision, contract administration and contract management. Jason’s focus is to ensure that RMA continues to grow and evolve so we not only meet the needs of today’s clients but also have the skills and capacity we will require in the future.

Jason is a highly experienced civil engineer. In addition to his role as Managing Director, Jason also directly supports project leaders and RPEQ engineers in RMA’s civil engineering team through peer reviews and high level RPEQ oversight.

Stuart Doyle
Director, Operations (RPEQ 9011)

Stuart is a qualified Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) with over 20 years experience as a civil engineer. In this time Stuart has gained a variety of experience working for top tier civil contractors on major infrastructure projects and local government as a development engineer before moving into consulting and joining RMA.

Stuart is an active member of the UDIA and current committee member of the Toowoomba Branch.

As the director responsible for operations, Stuart ensures the ongoing RMA project portfolio is well managed, so that we deliver for our clients on target and on budget.

Danny Coleborn
Director, Operations RMA Soils

Danny is a Director and Chief Operating Officer for RMA Soils. He brings to the role a high level of expertise in engineering geological services both in RMA and the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Danny has developed extensive knowledge of soils and geology of the Darling Downs and Surat Basin through his work on more than 5,000 investigation sites.

Danny ensures that RMA Soils delivers high quality services and that all equipment and procedures are maintained at current industry standards. He also recognises the challenges clients face in the project start-up phase, and ensures that RMA Soils services are delivered on time and on budget.

Scott Graham
Director, Business Development (RPEQ 17300)

Scott is a chartered RPEQ engineer. Scott has more than 12 years’ experience and specialises in civil design.

Throughout his career his passion has always been to create an environment where people collaborate and integrate their skills to deliver successful engineering projects.

Scott is a director and manager of our Brisbane office. He has proven skills in design, project management and on-site and contract supervision.

In his role as RMA’s senior client relationship manager, Scott works closely with clients to match our services to their needs. Scott also works directly with Local Government and State Government agencies to streamline project delivery.

Dan Turner
Associate | Principal Engineer Structural (RPEQ 9338)

As an Associate and Principal Engineer, Structural, Dan is involved in all structural aspects of projects, from pre-development approval through to project completion. As the leader of RMA’s structural design team, Dan has proven ability to manage large, complex projects requiring specialist input from a broad range of disciplines.

Dan and his team explore a wide range of options at the early design stage to ensure that the adopted designs are practical, cost effective, innovative and meet the client’s needs.

He is experienced at analysing, designing and detailing concrete structures, structural steel, masonry block structures, timber structures, precast concrete elements, footings and slabs.

Dan continues to work closely with clients throughout the project development stage to ensure that the client understands the proposed RMA solution, and any emergent issues or changes to project scope are resolved quickly and cost effectively.

Adam Gwatking
Senior Engineer (Traffic | Transport | Civil) (RPEQ 15158)
Brock Tomkins
Senior Engineer (Civil) (RPEQ 17435)
Dean Griffin
Senior Engineer (Agriculture | Resources | Civil) (RPEQ 16155)
Joshua Goodall
Senior Engineer (Civil | Surface Water | Stormwater) (RPEQ 18370)
Manual Ambroso
Senior Engineer (Structural) (RPEQ 16849)
Joseph Saunders
Operations Manager Bundaberg (RPEQ 18468)

Joseph is an RPEQ and experienced Civil Engineer with a wide range of skills in design. Over the past 10 years working with RMA, Joseph has provided road, stormwater quality, water reticulation, sewer gravity system and sewer pump station designs for a number of significant projects.

Many of these projects required successful coordination and collaboration with various local and state government bodies and private stakeholders.

Perci Barnes
General Manager Traffic and Transport (RPEQ 9226)

Perci is an experienced transport planner and traffic engineer with over 13 years experience across a variety of projects. His expertise lies in the areas of project management and provision of specialist advice, including transport planning, engineering and sustainability inputs to road corridors, public transport facilities and interchanges, airports and large developments, municipal planning and resource / energy projects.

Perci, has a passion for innovative, quality and value solutions and a proven track record in delivering programs and projects across different geographies, market sectors and project phases.

Perci has a strong design background with a focus on providing a creative and collaborative approach to address complex problems and effectively communicating ideas to clients and stakeholders in the exploration of project solutions.

Justin Holzheimer
General Manager Construction Management and Principal Engineer (RPEQ 16948)

Justin is a versatile, results oriented Contract Administrator with a solid track record in local government and private organisations. His expertise includes independently administering and managing contracts in engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, logistics, maintenance, operation and production.

As a qualified engineer with significant experience, Justin has the ability to analyse and disseminate complex concepts and coordinate multiple stakeholders. This ability ensures he consistently delivers superior results in the contract administration and management of major projects.


Tony Loveday
General Manager Surface Water, Hydraulics and Infrastructure (RPEQ 2210)

Tony is a qualified Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) with over 40 years experience in civil engineering design, development and construction. Tony has extensive knowledge  in the industry and has worked on a number of significant projects including carrying out much of the hydraulic structures design for Cressbrook Dam and associated reservoirs and pipelines.

Tony continues to specialise in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and has significant expertise in 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling, stormwater detention modelling and in water quality improvement techniques. Tony has also been engaged as an expert witness in a number of matters in the Queensland Planning and Environment Court and provided expert technical review and commentary to the Queensland Flood Commission.

Dave Waldock
Sector Leader Civil (RPEQ 18202)

David is a qualified civil engineer with over 10 years progressive experience in the private consultant engineering industry, applying high level technical and management knowledge to local, state and national projects.

David provides front end engagement of new and continuing clients providing first (and continuing) point of contact for related project matters from conceptualisation, final design, construction and beyond.

Aaron Neubauer
Team Leader Structural (RPEQ 15029)

As team leader of the Toowoomba structural department, Aaron has been involved in all structural aspects of projects, from pre-development approval through to project completion.

He is experienced at analysing, designing and detailing concrete structures, structural steel, masonry block structures, timber structures, precast concrete elements, footings and slabs. His expertise also covers the interpretation of soil reports to designing suitable site-specific footing and foundation systems; site grading of project sites where grading has important structural impact; rationalising layouts to simplify structure and improve cost effectiveness; and checks with the BCA/NCC.

Kristian Ostrofski
Team Leader Civil Toowoomba and Senior Technical Officer

A civil designer with nine years experience working on projects throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Kristian has a strong track record providing RMA clients with detailed civil designs. His expertise covers all areas of detailed civil engineering design including roads, sewer, stormwater, earthworks, erosion and sedimentation control.

Aleacia Olm
Senior Engineer (Civil, Construction Management)

Aleacia is a senior civil engineer with experience in design, project management, contract administration and construction management across a wide range of projects.

Aleacia leads large multi-disciplinary projects such as land development, mining and energy accommodation camps and major agribusiness developments.  These projects have strong commercial drivers, and success depends on integration of civil, structural, geotechnical, hydraulic and traffic and transport engineering right through from project conception to final construction.

Aleacia works closely with clients to deliver value for money engineering solutions that also meet the client’s commercial and business objectives.


Jason Borger
Hydraulics Specialist

Jason understands the challenges delivering hydraulic design for projects ranging from single buildings through to hospitals, public and commercial buildings, and massive worker’s camp complexes.  From his experience in civil drafting and construction, prior to taking on his hydraulic design role, he knows that designs and plans can change at any stage of a project, requiring his team to rapidly adjust layout and design for fire, water and waste services.

Jason works closely with RMA’s civil, structural and geotechnical teams so that the hydraulic designs are well integrated and ready to go when construction starts.

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