Ostwald Bros Civil Pty Ltd
Roma, Queensland
Project Scope
Civil Engineering

Value Engineering

RMA was approached by Ostwald Bros Civil to assist in a redesign of council road upgrades as part of Santos’ external site contributions to their LNG project in the Surat Basin. The original designs lacked an understanding of local conditions and the level of detail required to provide cost control for Santos.

A redesign was initiated when the surveyor for Ostwald noted that batters would extend outside road reserves, that cuts would expose recently installed gas mains, and that the design was also not effectively balanced from an earthworks perspective.

RMA’s extensive experience with rural roads and infrastructure provided Ostwald with the knowledge and assurance that the redesign would be supported by local knowledge and be delivered in tight timeframes.

Advantages of RMA’s Input

In addition to addressing the initial design concerns RMA Engineers carried out a safety review and increased signage requirements to better inform drivers of the design speed of the road elements, in turn providing a safer outcome.

RMA worked with the contractor to deliver sections at a time, this allowed their machines to continue to operate. Our experienced judgement to some sections of the redesign, reduced the ‘gold plated’ solutions, for a low volume road.

RMA’s redesign met tight timeframes, reduced cost and ultimately protected the projects valuable infrastructure.

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