Tillycorp Pty Ltd
Kogan Condamine Road, Condamine
Resources + Energy
Traffic and Pavement Impact Assessment

In support of a development application by Tilly Earthmoving Quarry, a traffic report was prepared in response to the Information Request from the DTMR. Based on the DTMR pavement impact methodology, the road pavement impacts over a 10 year period were quantified at approximately $2.84 Million, or 56.83 cents/tonne for maintenance and rehabilitation cost. These costs formed part of the DTMR Conditions of Development for developer contributions.

However, RMA challenged some aspects of the TMR methodology and made representations that resulted in the improvement to the methodology, and negotiated new developer contributions cost of about $700,000, thereby saving the client $2.1 M or 75%.

Advantages of RMA’s Input

  • Clear understanding of the project scope and outcomes.
  • Understanding and identifying the major issues with the DTMR methodology and making
    recommendations for improvements.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders and negotiate an outcome acceptable to
    both parties, especially the client.
  • Ultimately saved the client $2.1 M or 75% developer contribution to road maintenance costs.
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