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In 2007, DTMR invested in the construction of a pilot tunnel for the proposed Toowoomba Second Range Crossing with the goal of reducing cost risks during construction of the final project. RMA was approached in 2014 to assist DTMR with the reopening of the Tunnel to provide access for Tenderers.

DTMR was looking for local expertise in a below ground environment, knowledge of Toowoomba geology and experience in Risk Assessment and Work Place Health and Safety. RMA was able to meet these needs providing highly experienced resources, the flexibility to meet tight time frames and local insight.

This unusual project called for collaboration among varied disciplines and expertise in order to carry out risk assessment, prepare underground saftey induction documentation to meet strict Australian Standards and act as on the ground tour guides for Tenderers.

RMA provided independent and trustworthy advice, combining skills to address the needs of DTMR and allowing the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing to proceed to the next stage of tendering.

Tenderers are guided through the tunnel to investigate the geology within. The ability to showcase the pilot tunnel allows Tenderers to price more accurately and DTMR to reduce the cost risks associated with construction of the tunnel.

Geotechnical expert advice for TSRC

Subsequent to the tenderers tours of the Toowoomba second range crossing, tenderers have identified the need for further geotechnical information along the TSRC alignment. Requests were made for boreholes, test pits and seismic surveys in the road cuttings, embankment fill, bridge sites and tunnel area.

RMA were engaged to assess and prioritse the requests for extra geotechnical investigation.

The investigation prioritised the borehole drilling, test pit excavation and laboratory testing. RMA are on site to provide factual reporting of relevant information, whilst laboratory testing is carried out at the local RMA Lab.

The expert knowledge RMA Soils provides is used by DTMR and Roadtek weekly to inform them and tenderers of the geotechnical information discovered during this further investigation.

It is expected that the project will be awarded sometime during the middle of 2015.

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