Kepnock Town Centre

Bundaberg’s newest shopping complex!

Conveniently located in a prime location in East Bundaberg, the recently completed stage 1 of the Kepnock Town Centre marks the latest addition to the Bundaberg retail space. The new large format Woolworths has been detailed to the latest and greatest for new supermarket requirements, also being supported by other speciality stores.

Our team delivered the civil, structural, and surface water engineering services, taking the project from pre-DA through to construction completion.

Our Building Services Team integrated the clean and modern lines of the architectural intent whilst creating an efficient structural design that complied with the region’s cyclonic wind standards. This was achieved using a first principles approach for the design of the structure, resulting in reduced costs during construction.

We worked closely with both Bundaberg Regional Council and TMR during the design and construction phases for the delivery of internal and external infrastructural delivery. This new development marks a milestone for the Bundaberg community, serving as a turning point in its continued economic growth.

Thank you to the fantastic team who helped us deliver Kepnock Town Centre, and for allowing us to build upon our strong retail portfolio.

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