Narangba Subdivision Completed Within 7 Months

Narangba Subdivision Plan Sealed & Sold

Development Approval in July 2020, Operation Works Approval in August 2020, and all lots early plan sealed and sold pre-December 2020!

We finished off 2020 with a wonderful result for our very valued client’s subdivision in Narangba. The 26-lot residential development has been fast-tracked to allow buyers to take full advantage of government grants for new home builds.

This result is a reflection of our investment in Quality Assurance processes, and a dedicated construction management team across South East Queensland, to provide our clients with confidence and transparency across all project stakeholders.

A special shout-out to Anthony O’Neill of our Brisbane Construction Management Team for a very well executed contract and early plan sealing coordination.

Congratulations to the whole project team for this fantastic result!