The Gullen Solar Farm project is the development of a 10 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant. The project is co-located within the existing Gullen Range Wind Farm occupies an area of approximately 64 hectares located in south east NSW. Locating the solar farm adjacent to the wind farm minimised required infrastructure (such as roads, power lines and telecommunications), which resulted in a reduction in environmental impact and project cost.

RMA provided analysis of the imported solar panel frames to Australian standards and codes and provided CPEng certification.  Frames consisted of custom cold formed steel sections not found in Australia and use a number of proprietary fixtures.  Analysis of the frames required interpretation of geotechnical and psychical testing results into finite element analysis software with parameters specific to the frame arrangement.

As part of certification, RMA also provided a testing regime to make certain the installed driven pile frames performed in line with the finite element analysis model. RMA provided support during construction as frame design altered to suit variances in landscape discovered after the design phase and to maintain maximum panel efficiency.

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