Mayfair Joyner - Joyner

Mayfair Joyner - Joyner

Mayfair Joyner is a 150-lot residential subdivision in the Moreton Bay suburb of Joyner. The master planned development will provide much needed residential land supply to the South East Queensland property market. The development consists of multiple block sizes, ranging from terraced housing up to +400 sqm blocks for new builds. The estate encapsulates over 3.5 hectares of greenspace, parks, and allows access to One Mile Creek.

RMA have worked with McAndrew Group from pre-development approval through to construction. The site’s ultimate strategy for traffic, stromwater and civil engineering were ultimately guided by RMA’s earlier involvement on the Joyner Structure Plan, which unlocked over 1,800 potential residential lots.

RMA worked with UnityWater and Moreton Bay Regional Council to gain all necessary approvals, as well as negotiating with neighbouring developers to gain favourable outcomes for all stakeholders during the design phase. The stormwater strategy for the site had to consider potential flood impacts from the surrounding One Mile Creek, and demonstrate that all lots were above flood levels.

As the project entered construction, RMA were engaged as the superintendent and completed contract administration and construction compliance services.

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