Miles Workers Camp

Miles Workers Camp

Value Engineering

When RMA was engaged to design a major workers camp at Miles, we worked with the client to minimise costs across the whole project.  A particular issue was a condition that had already been proposed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) for the client to pay for upgrade of three highway intersections as part of the development approval.  These upgrades would cost our client in excess of $700,000.

The TMR conditions were based on a traffic impact report prepared by another consulting firm.  RMA’s traffic engineers believed that the previous traffic assessment did not properly represent the true impact of our client’s development, and undertook a new traffic impact assessment.

As a result, we were able to negotiate the removal of conditions for the upgrade of a major intersection at a cost of more than $400,000. We were also able to reduce the scope of works at the other two intersections and stage their construction.

Advantages of RMA’s Input

  • We quickly identified key points in the project where the client could save substantial costs through good engineering.
  • By working with TMR, and modelling realistic scenarios, we not only saved our client money, but also gave TMR sound engineering evidence to support a change of their requirements – a win-win outcome.
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