Nelson Street Subdivision, Toowoomba

Nelson Street Subdivision, Toowoomba

Value Engineering

RMA has worked closely with Jeteld & Clive Berghofer Land Sales for the past 23 years. During this time, RMA has helped to deliver various projects within the region including subdivisions, shopping centres and industrial development.

This particular project had numerous constraints including;
•    Highly reactive soil with low permeability and CBR values
•    Existing drainage gullies traversing through the site

Collaboration with all stakeholders and local council was paramount to the success of this project.

Advantages of RMA’s Input

RMA worked collectively with Clive and Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) to develop an alternative pavement solution. The solution involved the modification of the existing sub-grade material in order to achieve a more stable sub-grade, with a higher CBR value. This resulted in a more cost effective pavement option and a reduction in construction time frames.

During the various stages of the development, negotiations were also undertaken with TRC where trunk infrastructure works were identified. RMA were involved in numerous workshops with TRC in order to achieve fit for purpose outcomes, meeting the desired level of service identified in the planning scheme for the trunk works.

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Toowoomba, QLD
344-lot Residential Subdivision
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