Subdivision, Hume Street

Subdivision, Hume Street

RMA was engaged as the principal consultant for this 133-lot residential subdivision in Toowoomba’s Middle Ridge. RMA’s thorough understanding of the local area and experience with local government standards and requirements were both key drivers in our significant project cost savings.

Our civil team recognised the opportunity to tidy up incomplete trunk infrastructure works adjoining the site and applied for conversion of the required works to trunk infrastructure. The result was a win-win for the developer and Council with offsets in the order of $500,000 approved and the trunk works completed to a high standard for the benefit of the broader community.

The stormwater philosophy implemented for the site allowed us to achieve an improved outcome for flows discharged from the site. The basin design created an informal recreation area where the space remains safe, useable and is easily maintained due to the way low flows are managed.

RMA managed the construction contract to meet the client’s expectations in terms of the quality of development and duration of the project. The project was brought in under budget.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba
Middle Ridge, Toowoomba
133-lot Residential Subdivision
Principal Consultant | Traffic | Surface Water | Civil | Construction Management