Solar Farm Engineering

RMA has worked on more than 80 solar farms in the past 18 months

Queensland’s renewable energy will reach an estimated 25.6% of Queensland’s electricity consumption by 2020 (1). Renewable energy projects under development in Queensland in terms of Megawatts are more than five times larger than they were in 2015.

RMA Engineers has worked extensively in this market, certifying and advising on more than 80 projects over the last 18 months. These projects range from large scale solar farms such as the Brisbane Airport, Sun Metals and Gullen farms to carpark and roof top solar farms at universities and commercial operations across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. RMA has worked in the South Pacific providing certification for the hospital on the small island of Pohnpei in Micronesia and a new solar farm in the Solomon Islands as part of the Asian Development Bank and Government of the Solomon Islands Solar Power Development Project. As the Queensland, national and international market for renewable energy continues to expand, RMA Engineers is excited to be part of this growth.


  1. Green Energy Markets, 2018. [Click here to read the report]